5 things to must do in Abu Dhabi

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Internationally, Abu Dhabi is most famous for its impressive mosque or the annual final Formula 1 race of the season, which takes place there by the Yas Marina every November.
If you decide to come to the United Arab Emirates, you should spend at least three or four nights of your time in Abu Dhabi to see some of its main attractions. It’s got a large international airport with home carrier Etihad Airways, but it’s also easily reachable from Dubai by bus or rental car. We have done both, and while a bus-only set you back around five dollars, a decent rental car only costs about US$40 for 24 hours, including insurance. Rental cars are very affordable and definitely the easiest mode of transport in the UAE if you’re over 21.

1. Visit Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is definitely the most famous attraction of the city, and it’s packed with superlatives. The mosque is made almost entirely out of 15 sorts of white marble from several different countries and richly ornamented with expensive materials such as gold. The main dome is the largest mosque dome in the world with a diameter of over 100 feet, and there are more than 40 other domes placed atop the mosque. Another impressive thing is the German-made chandeliers in the inside part, of which the largest one measures almost 50 feet in height. To date, only two larger chandeliers have ever been built on our planet.

2. Exploring local eateries
Eat where the locals eat is probably a good thing no matter where you go. However, “local” is generally hard to specify for the UAE, because 50 years ago there was hardly anything there apart from some desert Bedouins and fishing villages. Today, almost 90% of the people living there are not actually Emirati. And of course, neither is most of the food you’ll find. There is a nearly unlimited variety of food choices that exist in the UAE today, but the food typically associated with “local” nowadays is a mix of Emirati and Lebanese cuisine.

An easy area to find lots of the above-mentioned food lies between the Corniche Beach and the Madinat Zayed shopping complex. We have been to Chag Kebab and Shish Shawerma, which were both really delicious and good value.

3. Stopping-over at Yas Island
Yas Island was nothing but a stretch of sand in the early 2000s. Since then, it’s grown to the leading spot for local and international tourism in Abu Dhabi. These are some of the things to do on Yas Island:

Yas Ferrari World – A large Ferrari themed park, also hosting the world’s fastest roller coaster with a top speed of 240 kph (150 mph).
Yas Marina Circuit – A Formula 1 racetrack hosting the final race of each Formula 1 season ever since 2009. The race takes place in late November and lasts from about an hour before sunset to long after dark, which is spectacular to watch. We’ve done it ourselves!
Yas Water World – Being the largest waterpark in the whole country, it’s a fun place to come for people of all ages.

Visiting amazing hotels
Abu Dhabi has some hotels that are such an experience; they deserve their own spot here. From extravagant desert resorts to impressive skyscrapers to luxurious private islands, it’s all your choice. Just to name some:
Emirates Palace – The most expensive hotel building ever constructed in the whole world.
Jumeirah Etihad Towers – Best-rated hotel in Abu Dhabi and most impressive building along the Corniche.

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